How Many Credits Do You Need For An Associates Degree?

Associate Degree has many equivalent degrees in the United Kingdom, such as Foundation Degree while in Scotland, it is known as the Diploma of Higher Education and in Ireland, it is known as the Higher Certificate. These kinds of programs are only offered to colleges and universities that are affiliated to providing such program. In Australia, they have added Associate Degree to the Australian Qualifications Framework in 2004. This kind of name was given to those that are focused more on academic performances for advanced diploma courses.  However, very small amount of courses yet use the recent title. In Netherlands, the Associate Degree has been added to the system of higher education as a means to close the gap with the educational system for vocational courses. This article on how many credits do you need for an associates degree will give info on the numbers followed in some countries. Read and savor the details.

How Many Credits Do You Need For An Associate Degree?

The credits that are needed to be able to have an Associate Degree depends on the major that the individual will be taking and the school that he or she is enrolled with. Majority of cases, individuals are eligible to earn the Associate Degree after about six credits. However, always remember the these credits are not equal and that if an individual wants to have an associate degree in a given major, they will have to finish the requirements needed on the course in addition to having the least number of credits that they would require. Majority of the programs for associate degrees may require main courses in subjects like mathematics or writing. Aside from these factors, they are also required to have enough courses in the specific course of study to be able to attain the basic level of expertises that they would need to have. Aside from the credits that they need to have after enrolling in a degree for associate degree, most colleges and universities will permit the individuals to transfer the credits that they have earned to other universities or institutions. In general, credits are allowed to be transferred for as long as the institution that they have entered before it is an accredited college or university.  Online courses and courses that have been taken on the university or college are normally considered equivalent to each other, and courses that have been taken at universities on the quarter system or trimester system are allowed to be converted to the semester system and some other systems. In order to get specific answers about the transfer credits and the number of credits that is required for the specific associate degree that the individual will be acquiring, it is best to visit the university websites or go directly to the university or college admission office or counselling offices. After finishing the initial research, the individual will be able to calculate the exact amount of credits that is required in the associate degree that they would like to be enrolled in.

1. Canada

In Ontario, Canada the universities and college institutions give an award of a 1-year certificate, 2 years for diploma and 3 years for advanced diploma in career or technical programs. The universities provide 3 or 4 years for bachelor’s degrees and sometimes have a partnership with career universities or colleges to be able to provide a joint degree for diploma programs. In Quebec Canada, the associate degree is somehow equivalent with the college diploma which is provided by a college-level school.  Students are allowed to have two different paths to be able to acquire a college diploma. One way is consisting of the completion of the pre-university system, which generally has 2-year duration and prepares the applicant for university-level schooling. The other way is consisting of a fully career oriented technical program in a university or college. In general, courses of this nature have a three-year duration that gives the capability for students to enter the work force directly soon after they get their diploma. In most universities in Canada, they would be required to have a completion of at least 60 university transfer credits.  The credits must include the designated courses in each associate degree specialty such as Science, Creative Writing, Arts, and some other majors. In some universities they are also required to maintain a GPA of 2.0 to be able to enter certain schools.

2. France

General Academic Studies Degree is a two-year course that has been offered since 1973. The Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT) and the Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) are providing two year programs that offer IUT or University Institutes of Technology and lycees correspondingly. Normandale’s awards for academics include certificate that has to have around 4 to 30 credits.  Minnesota Transfer Curriculum certification requires about 40 credits and associate degree has to have 60 or more credits. These numbers of credits are the average number of credits that are needed to be able to avail the associate degree programs that the different schools in France offer. To be able to know more about the various credits that are needed for each school, it is best to contact them directly.

3. Hong Kong

Associate degree was first introduced in Hong Kong in the year 2000 with the goal to elevate the number of students with qualifications of post secondary, as they are generally regarded as an inferior substitute to other degrees for bachelor. The quality of teaching and graduates has been under doubt since it was first begun in the country. Various degree-awarding and non-degree awarding colleges and universities began to offer associate degree courses after the encouragement of the government. Some of them are accused of over-admission for costs. Students who did not do good in the admission of university in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination enrolled in associate degree programs with the hope and wish to have a place for government-funded degree courses. The number of university graduates continued to elevate and more and more associate degree holders are finding it hard to get a job and receive the salaries that they want. However, the recognition of the associate degrees slowly enhanced in the previous years, it was then regarded as one of the worst flaws of the education system in Hong Kong. The minimum credit units to be able to graduate in some colleges and universities in Hong Kong should be around 9 to 72 credit units.

Associate degree is indeed one of the best courses that one individual can take to be able to gain some job in the near future. Each school differs from the credit needed to earn the degree and from each country they also have different policies regarding the needed credits for Associate Degree programs.